Ahern House Weddings Cont.

Ahern House Weddings Cont.

Package # 3                                      $1200.00

Ahern Rose Ceremony
Wedding for up to 35.....including Bride & Groom
The first gift you to each other shall be a rose

Wedding Officiant to perform ceremony
Custom written wedding ceremony
3 hr rental of lovely Ahern House Museum
Fresh flower banquet for bride
Fresh flower boutonniere for groom
Special rose ceremony
Cake , coffee , punch , nut and mint reception
Champagne toast to celebrate your special day.
Filing of license by Officiate

Package # 4                                  $300.00
Ahern House Vow Renewal
Up to 8......including couple

Wedding Officiant to renew your vows
Vow renewal vows
1 hr rental of the lovely Ahern House Museum
Small fresh flower banquet for bride
Single fresh flower boutonniere for groom
Small single layer cake 8 ins. and champagne reception